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Mining Equipment Tools

Whether you need to excavate, transport or process ore more efficiently, our complete portfolio of cutting-edge mining equipment sets the standard in an increasingly competitive industry. Our offering covers rock drilling, cutting and crushing, loading and hauling and materials handling equipment, all supported by round-the-clock service and technical expertise.​
Electrohydraulic Long Hole Drilling Jumbos
Electrohydraulic Long Hole Drilling Jumbos The high performance drilling systems allows high drilling performance with good drill steel economy and high machine reliability.
Underground Drill Rig
Underground Drill Rig Sandvik underground drill rigs are specifically designed to suit your mining application and to maximize your productivity
Tunneling Jumbos Sandvik tunneling jumbos have a special modular design that makes these machines flexible and versatile. Whether you're using them for fast face drilling or mechanized long-hole drilling and bolting, these machines ensure high productivity and reliability. ​
Rock Support Drill Rigs Sandvik rock support drill rigs make underground excavations not only productive workplaces, but also safe ones. The rig can be safely operated by one person and handle all typical bolt dimensions, as well as any type of commonly used bolts and cable
Raise Boring Machines Sandvik raise-boring heads optimize the performance of the boring machine by having high penetration rates, great stability, low vibration and low torque demands.
Cutting Attachments The hydraulic cutting unit as an attachment for hydraulic excavators is an ideal complementary tool to close the gap between shovel and hammer/breaker or ripper.
Tunneling Roadheaders Due to their design these machines are extremely versatile and can be used in various applications in the mining and tunneling industry. These machines are suitable for hard-rock applications in all aspects of underground excavation.
Sandvik Continuous Miners Sandvik electrically powered, track-mounted continuous mining machines are designed to cut coal and soft minerals continually, eliminating the need for drill-and-blast, Using advanced cutting technology.
Sandvik Mining Roadheaders Due to extremely high technical availability and cutting performance a maximum efficiency and profitability is guaranteed. Production records have been achieved worldwide in various materials (coal, rock, gypsum, potash and salt) and also in roadway development.
Hardrock Miners Sandvik Roadheaders Hardrock are advanced, electrically powered, crawler-mounted, heavyweight roadheaders designed to excavate roadways and galleries through rock with compressive strengths beyond 120 MPa.